About Puggled

Puggled - verb | the state of having had one’s heart captured by a pug.

When Daphnie entered our life, we quickly realised life would never be the same again. She is the inspiration for “Puggled” - products for people who love pugs! She captivates everyone she meets and many of our products are inspired by her quirky nature, endless energy and vitality for life. “Puggled” was created to inspire happiness and joy with products that make our day to day life a happier place. Welcome to a Puggled world!
Daphnie - the inspiration behind Puggled.com.au
From the Creative Studios of Puggled ... 
We source, create and design & manufacture unique products & collectables just for you!  Our process starts with each product capturing the nature of Pugs - their quirky personalities, their food obsessions, their stalker-puggedness, their frantic lickingness, their inability to be left alone, the endless shedding... all that stuff that make pugs so delightfully lovable! 
Puggled also now has it's own clothing range! Look for the 'Authentic Pug' label.
The Hoomans behind Puggled
Hey! and Hi!  I'm Sheree, and Daphnie's Grand-pugma! Daph and I have a special relationship.  From when she was just a wee little farter, she slept under my chair in my graphic design studio, stinking me out of the place while her Pug-mama, Jen was off at work.  Once her intolerance to beef was quickly corrected, the little chickenmeister quickly became more demanding than raising my own hooman children!  Not like any dog I've ever had before, Daph is more like a 3 year old child than a dog! And I wouldn't have it any other way.  
The term 'Puggled' was coined by Grand-pugpa, Justin, when Daphnie would take first opportunity to claim his lap, rendering him unable to move without a disapproving snort and stink-eye look from Daphnie.  Hence 'I can't get up, I've been Puggled' was coined.  Today the name 'Puggled' embraces the way these little butter-balls of squishiness come into our lives, completely capturing our hearts and rendering us useless by their superpowers.